Kabuto Japanese Steak House first opened its doors in Cincinnati in Feb. 13, 2004. In Winter 2008, due to customer demand and the size constraints of the original Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse location we moved to a larger, more accommodating facility. The new restaurant features 10 Hibachi grills, a larger more spacious dining area, and room to accommodate large groups and parties.

Habachi dining is unlike any other dining experience you have ever had. Customers sit around a 6 foot grill watching a master Habachi chef artistically cut, flip and grill your food right before your very eyes!

What is a Kabuto?
A Japanese Kabuto was the traditional armored helmet worn by Samurai warriors. Often ornate in design the Kabuto was the distinguishing piece of armor that identified the samurai warriors family/clan and often incorporated animals, mythical entities, and even prayers and symbols to protect these mighty warriors during combat.